CE by the SEA

Dr. Niemiec just returned from lecturing at CE by the Sea in Port Aransas. If you recall, this was the site of landfall for Hurricane Harvey last year at this time. As a matter of fact, Dr. Niemiec was scheduled to speak at the conference last year before it was cancelled.

The City/resort is still in the midst of recovery, but is doing overall fairly well. The signs of devastation were everywhere, but the rooms at the Port Royal are in excellent shape as is the pool and boardwalk to the beach. 


The lecture itself as well as the exhibit hall was in temporary housing, which made lecturing a challenge due to air conditioning and the thunderstorm, but the staff did a great job. The Texas VMA was there, of course, showing support.

This conference is well set up for fun/family time. They have (or at least had) a gold tournament, even beach socials, and mornings off. One morning is set up for a fishing tournament. Speckled trout and redfish are the ones that we target. A large group of vets and significant others started on the trip in the morning with breakfast burritos.

It was a glorious morning. The highlight being that Dr. Jennifer Fay caught a monster redfish.

This is a lovely area and is still in the midst of recovery. The resorts and restaurants are still getting back to normal slowly, but could use our support. Consider a trip down Corpus Christi way, you will be welcome, have a great time, and help the area heal.

#CEbytheSEA #PortRoyal #Travelogue #ContinuingEducation


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