The World Small Animal Veterinary Associations Annual Congress 2018

Dr. Niemiec just returned from a very successful trip to Singapore to participate in the World Small Animal Veterinary Associations Annual Congress. As the Academy of Veterinary Dentistry’s representative to the WSAVA as well as the Chair of the Regional Member Advocate committee, he was instrumental in the Members Forum and took part in the Assembly meeting. Following the assembly meeting, the WSAVA welfare guides were introduced.

He lectured almost every day of the Congress, in 4 different streams, Feline, How I treat, Nutrition, and the WSAVA Dental Guidelines stream.

The Dental guidelines stream was shared with Co-chair Dr. Jerzy Gawor. At the end of the lecture stream, many attendees signed the banner pledging to improve the lives of pets worldwide by making their oral health better.

Speaking of the WSAVA dental guidelines, as Chair of the Committee, he was promoting the guidelines at the Committee Forum, with one of the other Authors, Dr. Kymberley Stewart (Welfare). Finally, he is a leader of one of the sections of the WSAVA Strategic Planning Committee. They held a full day meeting to line out the plan for the next 5 years.

While Dr. Niemiec was quite busy helping to improve the lives of animals worldwide, Singapore is a lovely city with many things to do. One of the best parts are the various food areas, where many vendors set up in a small place with hundreds of options (think high-class food trucks). The Congress has numerous social events as well where veterinarians from around the globe mingle and share experiences. At the Singapore night, Dr. Niemiec posed with Dr. Stewart (right) and Dr. Julie Stafford the AVMA representative to WSAVA as well as the current President of the Alaska VMA. Finally, one of the signature locations of Singapore is the Gardens by the Bay. Every night there is a free music and light show in the “Super Trees”. It’s a must see when you are in town.

Speaking of WSAVA, Dr. Niemiec will be the featured speaker next year when the Congress moves to Toronto, CA in Mid July. Come to join him in Celebrating WSAVA’s return to North America.


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