Dental Guidelines Launch

The World Small Animal Veterinary Associations (WSAVA) Global Dental Guidelines were officially launched at the WSAVA congress in Copenhagen, Denmark in September 2017. 

Following the assembly meeting and members forum, Dr. Niemiec introduced the guidelines. Introductory comments were made by the president (Dr. Walt Ingersen) and then Dr. Niemiec explained the guidelines including the reasons they’re necessary, the history of their development, the members of the team, the sponsors, and what the guidelines mean for the member associations.   

Following the presentation and some positive comments from several assembly members, members signed the official endorsement certificates. Following this, the assembly and guests were invited to sign the banner pledging to increase the health of ALL animals by improving their oral health. 

Finally, the press reception was held to allow members of veterinary publications as well as assembly members to meet and interact with the committee members.

The guidelines are currently under review for publication in the Journal of Small Animal Practice – stay tuned for further information!


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