Canadian Lecture Tour 2018

Dr. Niemiec recently completed his 2018 Canadian lecture tour on behalf of Hills Pet Nutrition.  He presented from Victoria on Vancouver Island in the west, all the way to Quebec City in the East.  Included were stops in Montreal, Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto, and London.


The events were well attended as Dr. Niemiec has a following in Canada.  Interestingly, many vets are quite passionate about dentistry in Canada.

Included in the lecture were presentations at the Veterinary Schools in Calgary and St Heyesentha.  Dr. Niemiec has now presented at 4 of the 5 Canadian veterinary Schools. 


His lectures in Canada are slightly different from his usual presentation, focusing on improving compliance with your dental recommendations.  A key message is the utilization of the WSAVA dental guidelines.  To this end, he carried a banner for attendees to sign Pledging to improve the lives of all animals by improving their oral health.  By the end of the tour, the banner was full.

Picture 10
The banner filled with signatures.

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